Running on empty: No fix in sight for Northlake at I-95

Traffic will get worse before it gets better.

What will it take to get the Northlake Boulevard interchange at Interstate 95 rebuilt?

It’s been under study since 2015 and first scheduled for construction in 2021. 

But not anymore.

Now it’s set for 2025. And there’s no guarantee that will happen.

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Gardens gets a shot in the arm: Vaccine site opens

Burns Road Community Center gymnasium prepped to handle 1,000 vaccinations a day.

The gymnasium at the Burns Road Community Center is about to draw crowds to a form of exercise that has nothing to do with basketball hoops and volleyball nets. 

The new playbook calls for senior citizens to roll up their sleeves to get a coveted shot in the arm. 

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Big oaks on chopping block at FPL site in Gardens

The power company is moving a road for its new office building and the oak trees planted in recent years have to go.

Why are workers chopping down oak and palm trees along Kyoto Gardens Drive, that great short cut to the Gardens Mall from Military Trail?

It’s all part of the massive plan for the new FPL office headquarters taking shape along Kyoto Gardens just northeast of the I-95/PGA Boulevard interchange. 

The plan for the $67.9 million construction project calls for moving a road. 

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All track, no train. What will it take to get Tri-Rail to north county?

It will take money and lots of it. And a deal with Brightline. Neither will happen soon.

For the first time since its inception in 1989, Tri-Rail is physically able to run its trains from Miami all the way through Palm Beach Gardens to Jupiter. 

Officials have been looking forward to this moment for decades to make good on a promise of delivering commuter rail to north county.

But there’s still a big hurdle in making a short-stop coastal commuter rail service real: Money. Lots of it. In fact, the rail line is still hundreds of millions of dollars away from actually delivering.

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Out of retirement and into the frying pan — developer Dan Catalfumo is back

Catalfumo proposes $200 million project in former design center south of PGA Boulevard.

Palm Beach Gardens developer Dan Catalfumo is back.

When last we saw him 10 years ago, the city’s most influential builder since John D. MacArthur had been stripped of his real estate empire under a mountain of debt. 

He invested in a chicken deboning business and manufactured a seatless bicycle. He was spending time away from Palm Beach Gardens at second homes in South Carolina and Costa Rica.

Palm Beach Gardens developer Dan Catalfumo. (Provided by Dan Catalfumo)

Now, he’s pitching a $200 million legacy project in Palm Beach Gardens

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